Want to sell a North Texas house that has a tenant in it?

Are you, as the owner of the property, even allowed to do that? What do you need to know? Well, at Bumble Bee Properties, we’ve helped lots of different people in North Dallas sell their homes — even people who had tenants in their property. And the real key here is the lease you have … Continued

You’re thinking of selling your North Texas home 🏠 to a professional home buyer — someone who will buy your house as-is for cash and close within just a few weeks…

But how do you know you can TRUST the person or company you choose? Here are 4 red flags to watch out for… 1. They Don’t Follow Through — If the professional buyer says they’re going to call tomorrow… and they don’t call, or they say they’re going to show up at a certain time… … Continued

Now is a great time to sell your North Texas house!

Demand is still incredibly high, with low inventory and a housing shortage across the country. Even with a rise in interest rates, property is still selling at record speed in most areas in many states. The houses that aren’t selling? Well, they’re the usual ones… Even with the high demand, most buyers are not looking … Continued

Did you inherit a North Texas property?

Inheriting a home is both a blessing and a huge obligation — it requires a lot of work. It will be necessary to create a short-term plan for maintaining the home while the estate settles. This can take six months or more. During this time, it’s also important to talk with the other heirs to … Continued

Does your North Texas house have code violations?

It is often unexpected and frustrating when you receive notice that your property has a code violation and that, if it’s not fixed, you’re going to receive a fine. We know what this is like. At Bumble Bee Properties, we’ve bought a lot of properties in North Dallas with code violations and had to deal … Continued

Trying to off-load multiple properties in North Texas?

Coordinating that — and selling the properties as fast as you’d like — can be a real pain. You could sell each property through a real estate agent. But then you’re at the mercy of the housing market. And you’re not going to get as much money going that route if the properties need repairs … Continued