Are you trying to sell a North Texas house with water damage?

Unfortunately, water damage is a common problem among homeowners. Many times, you might not even notice it until it’s too late.

Then you might even have to deal with mold, structural damage, and other long-term problems.

And any house inspection is going to easily find that water damage.

So what should you do? Here are some options…

Repair The Water Damage — The first thing you’ve probably considered doing is repairing the home before trying to sell it. This can be pretty expensive, though, depending on where the damage is located. If the basement has water damage, then it could be upwards of $10,000 or more in repairs. If the water damage is in the drywall, bathroom, or floors, then at minimum it will be several hundred dollars in repairs.

Prepare Your House To Sell — Once the damage is repaired, you can either try to sell your home through a real estate agent or sell “by owner.” So long as the home is completely repaired, cleaned, and updated, both of those should be viable options. A real estate agent will be easier, but more expensive. Selling on your own will be more difficult but more affordable.

Sell As-Is To a Professional Homebuyer — If you don’t want to worry about fixing the damage and you also don’t want to pay a real estate agent for help selling your home, then you might consider selling to a professional homebuyer like ourselves. At Bumble Bee Properties, we buy houses as-is for cash and we can close in as little as two weeks. Give us a call at (469) 306-1737 to get your fair cash offer!

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